Join us in welcoming the Judson University Choir on Saturday, March 3rd at 4:00pm here at the Manistee United Methodist Church.



We will be collecting a love offering for the Judson University Choir. If you would like to give, please visit the link below or bring your donation to the concert on March 3rd.

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about the Judson University Choir...

By God’s grace, the Judson University Choir has enjoyed a long and fruitful ministry.  Founded by Dr.
Edward Thompson (universally known and loved as “Dr. Ed”) during the very first year of Judson’s
existence, 1963-1964, the Choir has served as one of the primary “faces” of the University for over 50
years, playing an especially crucial role in attracting new students to the campus in the early days of
Judson College.  National and international touring soon became a hallmark of the Judson Choir, with
regular visits to Eastern and Western Europe, parts of Asia, and the Caribbean.  When Dr. Ed retired in
1996, Dr. Dale Voelker took the reins and continued the tradition of choral excellence, expanding the
Choir’s international presence even farther into South America and China. 

Recently, the Judson University Choir has shifted its ministry focus just a bit to become a true worship-
leading ensemble, whose concerts feature specific narrative arcs, opportunities for congregational
participation, a diverse repertoire, and the use of a wide variety of instrumental accompaniment. This
direction has allowed the Choir to co-minister with a number of contemporary Christian worship
musicians and bands, including Bob Bennett, The Brilliance, Michael Card, Citizen Way, The Digital Age,
Branson’s The Haygoods, Remedy Drive, Sanctus Real, and Willow Creek Community Church’s The
Practice gathering. The Choir tours nationally three times per year and internationally every two or
three years. In May of 2018, the Choir will travel to Europe with Judson alumnus and DCWPA Artist-in-
Residence Rev. Huntley Brown, the internationally known concert pianist who has performed with many
well-known ministries, including the Billy Graham Association.

Dr. Warren Anderson, a 1986 graduate of Judson, is honored and privileged to direct the choir for which
he served as student business manager in 1985-1986.  Dr. Anderson has taught in the Communication
Arts and Worship Arts departments at Judson since 1991 and served as the Dean of the Chapel since
1992.  In 2012, he became the Judson University Choir Director and the Director of Judson’s Center for
Worship in the Performing Arts—housed in the Edward & Alice Thompson Hall—which proclaims, in the
spirit of Romans 12:1, all of life’s activity, particularly academic pursuit, as good and proper worship. In
late 2015, the Board of Trustees of Judson University changed the name to the Demoss Center for
Worship in the Performing Arts in recognition of the many contributions of Dennis and JoAnn Demoss to
the ongoing ministry of Judson University, particularly those efforts of the Music and Worship Arts
students. The Demoss Center equips the students of Judson University with the tools necessary tools to make their efforts, especially those related to performing arts, holy and pleasing to God.